Where to Put a MeowSpace

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You decide where to put a MeowSpace – Make it convenient & logical

If you have several pets, chances are good that you have to regulate certain aspects of feeding them each day. A MeowSpace® will do the regulating for you, and give you peace of mind as well as freeing up your time.


Placed between items so the dog can’t jump on the sides.

As to where to put a MeowSpace, each household situation is different, and as such, you must take into consideration your specific circumstances when using a MeowSpace®. One MeowSpace® owner writes:

“I have a big dog who tried to pounce on our MeowSpace. Although it seems to be remarkably strong plastic (it didn’t break at all), we found it necessary to place it under one of our sofa’s end tables. This keeps our active mutt from being able to bother it, and even provides a safer eating environment for our cats. Because of the MeowSpace’s attractiveness, it actually looks just fine, and even provides a great conversation piece when we have guests.”

Moral of the story? MeowSpace® is a great solution, so do what you must to make it work for you. It’ll be worth it!

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