MeowSpace Inventors: A Family Endeavor

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meowspace inventors

Inventors Casey & Berdell Moffett-Chaney enjoying the wedding of their son, co-inventor Corey Bruesch

The MeowSpace inventors are a family of three humans and two felines. Flopsie, our black and white kitty was becoming an overweight cat. She was eating both her own food, and her brother Mitchell’s food as well. Mitchell, our orange cat, was losing weight because he wasn’t getting to eat all of his food.

We had an image of what we needed but couldn’t find it for sale anywhere. After discussing the situation with our son, Corey, he designed and built the first one.

It worked like a charm. Our cat people friends, who all decided they needed one (then another for the litter box), became our beta testers. In 2009, our “other” son, Gabe (Corey’s lifelong best friend), named our invention “MeowSpace.”

Corey and his wife, Angie, serve as MeowSpace advisors when called on.

meowspace inventors

Corey and his best man (our “other” son), Gabe Daleson (who named the MeowSpace), at Corey’s wedding.

Gabe helps with the website when needed, and his wife, Jordan, manages our Facebook page.





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