MeowSpace – How it Started, Where it’s Going

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CBC@GradAbout MeowSpace

Since this is an unusual product that doesn’t actually exist anywhere else right now, I wanted to take time to tell you a little about MeowSpace. Simply, MeowSpace® is the brainchild of a family of 3, who needed a way to keep one of their cats away from the other’s food. It was 2007, and Casey and Berdell Moffett-Chaney turned to their son, Corey Bruesch, for advice and ideas. Casey was certain that the MeowSpace® (unnamed as yet) existed out in the pet world, but could find nothing in the stores, nor online. She gave Corey a basic idea of what she wanted, and he built it from scratch, surprising both of his moms with the prototype of their idea. We jointly own a patent on the MeowSpace®, which took 3 years to achieve.

Corey’s best friend, Gabe Daleson (whom we call “our other son”) came up with the name MeowSpace, and today MeowSpace® is a registered trademark. In this last year, we have taken on several partners who, like us, are excited and passionate about the service the MeowSpace® provides to multiple-pet households. Many of us actively volunteer and support organizations dedicated to the well-being of pets and other animals.

The partners are:

Casey Moffett-Chaney, Inventor, President, Customer Relations, Managing Partner

Berdell Moffett-Chaney, Inventor, VP Operations & Production, Managing Partner

Corey Bruesch, Inventor, General Consultant

Jim Van Osdell, Designer, VP Technologoical Design & Marketing

Angela Bruesch, General Consultant

Michelle Leatherman, Bookkeeper/Accounting

Carol Adams, VP Public Relations

Jordan Daleson, VP Social Media

Gabe Daleson, Website Consultant

Meta Chaney, Investor

We could use your help!

With some advertising savvy, sales quadrupled in 2012. And in 2013 we were nominated for Dr. Marty Becker’s Best Pet & Vet Product of the Year.

Seems people want and need this product, but they don’t know it exists, nor do they have a name for it. So, our goal is to get the word out through advertising, word of mouth, media coverage, etc. Anything you can do to help us is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the slide show!

Meowspace 2.0
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