Training Your Cat = Love, Time & Patience

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Training your cat to use a MeowSpace®Train a Cat to use MeowSpace

Training your cat to use a MeowSpace® can be very quick for some, and lengthy for others. The key is to remember a few main points:

1. The MeowSpace® solution is worth the effort, whatever effort that means for you.
2. Generally speaking, cats love boxes, so they are naturally inclined to like it.
3. Food and toys are great motivators.
4. Patience and Time are imperative (we will extend our warranty with you if necessary, so relax and don’t rush it).

The most important thing to remember is that your job is to facilitate a friendship between your pet and the MeowSpace®. Introduce the MeowSpace® to your pet by taping the door open and allowing them free time to explore. They will sniff, go in and out, walk around it, and get to know it at their own pace. It’s ok to allow your other pets to explore it as well. When the time comes to put it into use, they’ll learn quickly that they can’t get in, and that your MeowSpace® will belong to your MeowSpace® pet only.

During this initial introduction time, put surprises inside the MeowSpace®, like a toy, or some catnip. Then when it’s time to begin training your MeowSpace® pet to actually use the door to enter and exit, put their food inside. If they have gotten comfortable being near the MeowSpace®, you can try to slowly and gently put their head against the door as if they are entering, and allow them to hear the sound of the door unlatching. Use your own hand next to their head to help nudge the door open, then gently encourage them to enter. Once they are inside, the door will open freely for them to come out. I used a piece of popcorn to entice my cat to use the door to come out. I got his attention and then dropped the popcorn just outside the front of the MeowSpace® door. He couldn’t resist it. I helped him by reaching my hand through the top open pane and pushing the door open.

You may have to repeat your training consistently for several weeks, or they may get it in a couple of minutes. It all depends on your training and their understanding. With your Love, Time and Patience, they will succeed, and your days of worry and exasperation will be over! See

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