MeowSpace Guarantee


Happy Mitchell

We take pride in
your satisfaction!

We want this to work for you without the stress of losing money, and the
MeowSpace Guarantee is designed with just that in mind.

Most cats learn easily and within days to use their MeowSpace®. On occasion, it takes longer, or a kitty needs special “tricks of the trade” attention to be successful.

Our many MeowSpace® owners have provided countless tips for helping your pet use the MeowSpace® successfully. The MeowSpace® is such a powerful tool for managing food and litter problems that we want to do all we can to help you succeed. We offer free ongoing support through email, toll-free phone, and even video chat, for as long as you need. Please call us and allow us to walk you through training & learning difficulties for as long as it takes. If you decide it just isn’t going to work for you, return the MeowSpace® for a
full product refund.


Your MeowSpace® comprises several separate parts that you easily assemble without tools. It comes to you with the door installed in the front panel (and pre-programmed if it is the RFID system). If you receive a MeowSpace® with any part damaged, we will immediately send a replacement of the damaged part free of charge. If your MeowSpace® enclosure becomes damaged due to circumstances during use, we will replace the damaged part(s) for the cost of the part.

Your satisfaction with MeowSpace® is guaranteed!

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