What Can I expect to see included with the MeowSpace?

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Shown with the Microchip System entry.

Shown with the Microchip System entry.

What is Included With the MeowSpace?

Your MeowSpace has everything you need the moment you open the box. Here is a list of what is included with the MeowSpace:

• 1 MeowSpace® Enclosure, ready-to-assemble, all parts included, no tools needed

• 1 Locking Pet Door (Magnetic or Dual RFID/Microchip),

• 1 Collar Device: The MeowSpace® Magnetic System comes with one Collar Magnet, and you can buy extras in our store.

• The Warranty , Directions, and the Optional Bully Barriers come Standard with every unit.

Sometimes people prefer to not microchip their pet. No problem. You can buy an RFID Collar chip to use on your pet’s collar instead of microchippingy. It works the same as an embedded microchip. It’s a lightweight tag that attaches to the collar much like a name tag would.

All parts are replaceable. If you lose a screw, or need more bumpons or new hinges, hover over the BUY button. Also, see our Warranty page.



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