MeowSpace Colors available other than Clear?


MeowSpace Colors More MeowSpace colors will follow, if we get enough requests for specific ones. We think they are quite spiffy looking! After much trial and debate, our consensus was to keep the Top and Front panels clear, and replace the side and back panels with color, if ordered that way. The Crystal Clear is still offered as one […]

Is the MeowSpace door opening going to be big enough for my large cat?

The MeowSpace door opening: Movable Bones The MeowSpace door opening works fine for most. Even cats with a lot of bulk can get through (think about how they get themselves under houses and into small boxes). Cats have a way of fitting themselves through amazingly small openings. Their skeletal system allows them to be quite flexible. […]

Who invented MeowSpace?

A Family of Three invented MeowSpace Casey & Berdell Moffett-Chaney, and their son, Corey Bruesch invented MeowSpace. (For more info on each of them, see The MeowSpace® Inventors, and The MeowSpace® Story.) In a nutshell, MeowSpace was invented by people like yourselves; cat lovers who deeply wished to care properly for their furry kids, but […]

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