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One Cat is Eating the Other Cat’s Food

Share This: One Cat is Eating the Other Cat’s Food One of the most aggravating aspects of multiple-cat ownership is when one cat is eating the other cat’s food. There are several reasons that this happens. The Instinct to Survive The instinct to survive is embedded in the DNA of all living things. With some, […]

Cat Feeding Device Solves Cat Adoption Problems

Share This: MeowSpace® Solves Cat Adoption Problems One of my friends who works in a large no-kill cat shelter was saying that she often has difficulty getting people to adopt more than one cat due to cat feeding problems. There are many reasons that cats need to eat different food, or must be restricted from […]

Feline Obesity

Share This: Feline Obesity: Your cat’s health is at stake. Feline obesity is a huge problem in the cat world. It causes early onset arthritis, feline diabetes, kidney and bladder problems, and heart disease, to name a few. Overfeeding your kitty isn’t usually the problem in multiple-pet households. It’s having to manage how much your […]

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