What is MeowSpace made of?

What is MeowSpace made of…Plastic or Glass?

Polycarbonate plastic

Safe, clean, durable polycarbonate plastic.

When deciding the best materials for the MeowSpace®, we found that a MeowSpace made of wood or metal would be too heavy, would hold odors, and would be way too expensive to manufacture (meaning way too expensive for anyone to purchase). Thus, the MeowSpace® enclosure is made out of fully washable, clear, durable, high-quality, polymer plastic. It comes ready to assemble without the need for tools or adhesives. Depending upon the system you order, a Multi-Magnetic locking pet door, Radio Frequency RFID locking pet door, OR a Microchip System locking pet door (needing no collar, but requiring your pet to be microchipped) is pre-installed into the front panel for immediate use. The plastic MeowSpace® is lightweight for easy cleaning and moving.

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