How can I train a cat to wear a collar?

I doubt I can train a cat to wear a collar, but I’m willing to try.

Blue breakaway collar

Basic breakaway collar. The latch fits snugly together, but pulls apart if it gets caught on something.

You can avoid having to train a cat to wear a collar if you choose to use the Microchip System MeowSpace®, which doesn’t require a collar device to work. Otherwise, there are several ways to train your cat to use a collar, and the internet is full of answers. Here is one way from eHow:

Start with a properly-sized collar. Measure your cat’s neck so you know what size collar to purchase. Buy one with a bit of extra room in case your cat grows or gains weight.

Choose an expandable or breakaway collar.

Choose a calm time for your cat’s first introduction to the collar.

Put the collar on and leave it on, even if your cat resists. Remember, the collar is a foreign object so it’s natural for the cat to try to remove it at first. Most cats will struggle for a while, then give up when they realize that resistance is futile. However, if your cat really panics as opposed to normal resistance, you may need to remove the collar and introduce it in short sessions.

Be prepared for a power struggle. In the first few weeks, you may discover that your cat has become a Houdini and is managing to slip the collar. Whenever this happens, simply find the collar and put it on again. Once your cat realizes that getting it off is not effective in the long run, it will give up.

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