My cat comes out with no problem, but won’t go in (or goes in but won’t come out).

It sometimes appears as if your cat simply refuses to push the door flap of the MeowSpace® open on his own. What is actually happening is that your cat simply doesn’t realize yet that he can do it by himself. Sometimes he thinks he can do it going one way, but not the other. There are several things you can do to help your cat with this kind of situation. First, how long have you been working with your cat? You may have to continue to help your cat for several weeks. Time makes a huge difference for some. Try opening the door for your cat, and just as they have their front paws through the door, gently lower the door so they can feel it on their head, while also gently nudging them from behind so they will not back out. They may have to experience this many times before they realize they can actually enter the MeowSpace® themselves. Also, using something inside the MeowSpace® that entices them inside often gets their attention off the idea that they can’t enter, and once they take the first step inside, the belief that they can’t do it disappears. Contact us and don’t give up!

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