Here’s How the MeowSpace Works to Solve Feeding or Litter Box Problems

The way the MeowSpace works is very simple: It is a ventilated enclosure with a locking pet door. Pets with an access device (a collar magnet, a collar RFID tag, or an embedded Microchip ID programmed to the door) will be able to enter. They have unrestricted access to their food, a litter box, or a safe haven from other pets. So, pets without a collar magnet or programmed access device will not be able to enter. And programming is so easy. We will walk you through every step if you would like us to do so. Whether you need to keep dogs or other cats away from a litter box, or keep other pets away from another’s food, the MeowSpace brings peace and sanity to your multiple-pet household.


“The MeowSpace Works perfectly!”

how the MeowSpace works

Here’s how the MeowSpace works to keep food away from the other cat.

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  1. Dick & Sharon RingnessSeptember 6, 2014 at 4:59 pm #

    Hi New Friends!!! Wonderful Product!!!! I hope you sell a Ton! If you look for investors don’t forget your buddies you met thru Carol and Michelle. HUGs and positive thoughts. Casey, our prayers are with you and your grandson during this time of medical concerns.

    To be continued…..

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