What is a good MeowSpace training idea?

MeowSpace Training depends upon your situation…
…that said, this MeowSpace training idea is excellent, and works for most
new MeowSpacers.

Elphie entering her MeowSpace®
Elphie entering her MeowSpace®

Angela & Debbie Picone did a lot of things right:

1. They bought a MeowSpace®
2. They called me directly when they ran into some problems
3. They called again when my first suggestion didn’t work
4. They were determined to make it work
5. They took all the time they needed to keep training

Here’s their story…

Hi Casey:

Some time ago you had asked if we would like to tell our story of how we trained out cat Elphie to use her MeowSpace. Here it is:


We have two cats. Nessa has IBD and can only eat a home-cooked diet. Our older cat, Elphie, has no interest in Nessa’s food but Nessa is very interested in Elphie’s food. So, we had to keep Nessa away from Elphie’s food. After hours of scouring the web over a period of several weeks I finally found the MeowSpace. Truly, this product seemed heaven-sent.


I won’t lie – it wasn’t easy. Elphie is skittish and not open to new experiences. We began by assembling all sides of the box, minus the panel containing the door. We kept Elphie’s food and water in the MeowSpace and she had very access through the huge opening. She loves boxes and really enjoyed eating in one that was transparent.
Next, we attached the door panel and taped the door open. Again, this part was easy. After a few moments of staring she went in to get her food.
Then, I would sit next to the box and hold the door open wide with my fingers. As she went through I would lower the door. I began by not lowering it until she was mostly through, so she only felt it on her back. Then, very slowly, I progressed until I was lowering it on the back of her neck, then her forehead.
We left food in the MeowSpace all the time, hoping she would just go in and get it. Finally, we heard the thumping sound and there she was, inside her box eating. This took about two months. It required a LOT of patience but it was well worth it.

Elphie exiting
Elphie exiting
Elphie inside, Nessa unable to enter.
Elphie inside, Nessa unable to enter.


Exemplary! Casey is fantastic! She was so encouraging. We initially ordered the micro-chip door but it didn’t work out. The opening is very small [NOTE: We at MeowSpace® now use a system with a larger door] and Elphie is rather large. I know some large cats do use it, but since Elphie was already skittish we wanted to make this as easy and comfortable as possible. The micro-chip door also makes a loud clicking sound that scared Elphie. Upon Casey’s recommendation, we switched to the magnetic door as it was the largest.
This is one of the beauties of this product. We simply had to mail back the micro-chip door after receiving our magnetic door. We didn’t have to replace the whole box, just the door panel. Casey also worked with us to find just the right magnet to attach to Elphie’s collar. One that was silent (some jiggle around inside a casing, and they scared Elphie) and non-directional, which is just easier.
We also received great peace of mind by knowing the product was returnable if Elphie simply never got the hang of it. That knowledge allowed us to continue to be patient and just keep trying.
Again, it took about two months to train Elphie to use her MeowSpace but she really enjoys it now and it has made life with two kitties on different diets so much easier. We really can’t recommend this product, and this company, highly enough.

Angela & Debbie Picone

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