How do I get the Collar Magnet to work better?

Something seems wrong. How do I get the Collar Magnet to work better?

The collar magnet needs to be hanging comfortably downward and needs to be facing the right direction. There is a front and a back, usually designated by a paw print (front), and the word “back” on the back. Most of our systems use a magnet that comes with a ring that automatically makes the magnet hang off the collar the way it should. If you have a system that does not come with an actual ring, we suggest you put a small key ring on the magnet, and slide the key ring onto the collar so that the front (if there is a designated front—sometimes there is not) faces the MeowSpace®. This should take care of most problems. If it still doesn’t work, contact us! There may be a problem in the door (one person had taped the latch down to train their kitty and forgot to take the tape off the latch) or the door may be defective and we need to send you a new one.

(Note: The magnet with the paw print works with the electromagnetic system, which requires a 9 Volt battery in the door. We provide the battery, but even if there is no battery or the battery is old, the door latch will still open to the magnet, just not as quietly.)

Collar magnet

This is the collar magnet with the paw print designating the front.

Collar Magnet

This is the collar magnet hanging off the key chain. This magnet does not have a front and back.


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