Veterinarians and Pet Professionals Who Use and Endorse MeowSpace®

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“A very useful product that can help solve the feeding problems I see every day in my veterinary practice.”

-Zoe Tokar, DVM
Powell Blvd. Veterinary Clinic
Portland, Oregon


south-pictures6Dr. Gary Norsworthy, widely recognized author, editor and lecturer on issues relating to feline health, endorses the MeowSpace®.

“The MeowSpace offers a solution to several heretofore unsolvable problems. We use it when one cat in a multicat household needs to eat a special diet. We also use it when one cat is dominating another at the food bowl. This happened to a cat belonging to one of my technicians; the cat was losing weight due to food deprivation. The MeowSpace prevented the dominating cat access to the other cat’s food bowl and solved the problem.

With a little creativity, I expect to find many more uses for this wonderful device. There is a short learning curve for the cat, but in a few days the device is working perfectly.”

-Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM
Diplomate, ABVP (Feline)
Alamo Feline Health Center
16201 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78232


“I can’t imagine your product not making my life easier and improving the health of my three kitty “kids.” I look forward to sharing my experience with staff and clients. You have solved so many issues with your brilliant product.”

-L Petrice Eisele, DVM
Creekside Veterinary Clinic
9351 Old Highway 13,
Murphysboro, IL 62966‎


“Just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going- my 3 little old girls are going in & out on their own and eating in peace! (2nd UPDATE: The old girls are all 3 using it many times a day and gaining weight!”)

-Donna Shannon, DVM
The Cat Hospital of Tampa Bay
St Petersburg, FL


“I recently recommended the Meow Space to a client and she raved about your product. This is an elegant solution to the longstanding problems Board_certified_Sonnya-Dennis_AAHA-Sthat come with having multiple pets… Feeding Fluffy a special diet or keeping Fido out of the litter box will suddenly be a manageable task.”

-Sonnya Dennis, DVM, DABVP (C/F)
Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital
Newfields, NH




“MeowSpace® is a unique and ingenious solution to conditions associated with multi-pet households.”

-Ray Holmgren, DVM
Parkrose Veterinary Clinic
Portland, OR


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