RFID Collar Tag (Optional for the Microchip System) if your pet is not Microchipped Yet



The RFID Collar Tag works just like a pet’s embedded microchip when your pet is entering the MeowSpace®. If your cat is not chipped, this will work fine. As with the embedded microchip ID, the programmed cat must push the door with their head in order to signal the RFID mechanism to “awaken” and recognize the tag. It programs exactly the same way you would program your pet’s embedded Microchip ID.

The instructions for all programming come with your MeowSpace®, but if you have difficulty with it, our customer support staff will walk you through it. Either by phone or video chat, we’ll see to it you succeed!

RFID Collar Tag

Close up view of the RFID Collar Tag. It is about the size of a 50¢ piece, and very light-weight plastic.

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