About the MeowSpace Feeder and Litter Box Station

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What is the MeowSpace Feeder and Litter Box Station?

The MeowSpace Feeder & Litter Box Station is a ventilated enclosure with a locking pet door that allows entry to a cat with a special collar magnet or microchip uniquely programmed to the door, to eat food or use a litter box without interference from other pets.
Lets the right pets in and keeps the wrong pets out!
Keep food, a litter box, or even bedding inside.

• Easily separate pets when they eat
• Create litter box privacy and safety
• Keep food, or the litter box, away from children & other pets

• Pets control their own access, so you can stop policing
You decide which pets have that access

Microchip System Access

If your pet is already microchipped, this system will easily recognize the chip.
No need to know the brand name of the chip, or its ID numbers.
Just 2 button pushes, and that pet (and only that pet) is
programmed to enter the MeowSpace.
You can then program several other pets to the same MeowSpace. Pet not microchipped yet? Purchase the optional collar tag chip. It programs and works exactly the same.

Microchip Timer System Access

This system is exactly like the Microchip System above, but has an extra feature. The door can be set to alook your pet to use it only during certain times, several times a day. For example, you work 12 hour shifts, and you want to feed your cat twice daily: once at 7am and again at 4pm. You leave at 7:30am but won’t be home until 8pm. Here’s what you do: Put food in the MeowSpace at 7am and set it so it will allow your MeowSpace pet to acces. Before you leave for work, put the next feeding in the MeowSpace. You would have already programmed it to lock between 7:30am and 4pm. Then at 4pm it is set to allow your cat’s microchip to work. It makes a slight sound that pets become accustomed to hearing. Time to eat!

Magnet System Access

If your pet will wear a collar, the Magnetic System MeowSpace is a cost effective way to go.
The Magnet tag hangs from the collar, and triggers the door latch to open
as your pet starts to enter.

The MeowSpace is attractive for any room in your home,
easy to clean, and lightweight.
With our MeowSpace® Guarantee,
you have the solution you’ve been seeking!

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