Child Can Train a Cat to Use MeowSpace®

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Child’s Play to Train a Cat to Use MeowSpace®

There are many ways to train a cat to use the MeowSpace®. In this photo, a young lady has placed a bowl of food close to the front entry, and is holding the door flap up while encouraging her kitty to focus on the food.

Train a Cat to use MeowSpace


The next few steps entail (no pun intended!) doing this exercise several times a day, each time placing the food an inch or so further inside until your cat is all the way in.Child and MeowSpace 2

Next, you will need to gently practice setting the door flap on your cat’s back as he goes inside so he can get used to the feeling of the flap on his back. This may take a while, so be patient. Some will be afraid at first. It is imperative that you not force them. Keep holding the door up for them until they show no reaction to it on their back.

Finally, he will begin to enter on his own. If he has a particularly long tail, it works to put the food at the front of the enclosure, just inside the door and over to the side. This way, he will enter to eat, then have to turn around to get to his food. His tail will effortlessly pull itself inside.Portland-20110504-00081-300x225

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