Why is MeowSpace clear?

Why is MeowSpace clear? Several reasons

MeowSpace in kitchen

Clear MeowSpace in a kitchen

We found that making MeowSpace clear had several advantages, both aesthetic and utilitarian. For one thing, it’s attractive, and can easily be placed in any room and look very nice. Our first prototypes were not clear. In fact, they were wood. But plastic does not retain odors, and we found that using clear plastic had several advantages, both aesthetic and utilitarian. Being clear, it goes with any color scheme. Also, we found that cats enjoy being able to see their food or litter box. They’ll walk by, look at it, and walk on. They also enjoy being able to see outside from within the MeowSpace®. Our cat will often go in to eat, then just sit there or lay down and watch the activity from inside. It’s also a way for them to have privacy without feeling like they have to be away from us. This works especially well for pets who are bullied by other pets. Some people place a blanket inside along with the food bowl.

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