Is the MeowSpace door opening going to be big enough for my large cat?

The MeowSpace door opening: Movable Bones

One MeowSpace® for the cat litter

Mitchell is a large Maine Coon Mix, and has been our guinea pig for all of our doors. So far, so good!

The MeowSpace door opening works fine for most. Even cats with a lot of bulk can get through (think about how they get themselves under houses and into small boxes). Cats have a way of fitting themselves through amazingly small openings. Their skeletal system allows them to be quite flexible. They have no rigid collarbone like we humans, so they have much greater range of movement in their shoulders. In addition, the vertebrae (segments) in their backbones can twist and turn in ways that human vertebrae cannot. They’re built to sneak into mighty small places, and if you have a cat, you know how true that is!

The MeowSpace door opening is quite sufficient for even the largest cats, and we’ve never had any customers tell us it was too small, even for huge cats.

One thing to remember is that we guarantee your success or your money back (see Our Guarantee). You can also trade from one door to another (up or down in price) and we will adjust the cost, refunding the appropriate amount if necessary.

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