MeowSpace Videos for Present and Future MeowSpacers

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meowspace videos

MeowSpace Videos

These MeowSpace Videos will help you with tasks associated with MeowSpacing!

We encourage you to let us know if you need any MeowSpace videos that you cannot find here. We are happy to make one for you, and it will help us add to our site. Also see:

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Training your cat to use the MeowSpace

Training “Kitty” to use her MeowSpace


Open and Close the Battery Compartment on the Microchip/RFID systems

Put the Front Panel (and Door) on the MeowSpace in the right direction

Program the Microchip system (hint…it’s only two buttons and you don’t need the chip ID numbers)

Troubleshoot the Microchip System Door

Factory Reset the Microchip System door

Remove the Magnetic Door from the Front Panel

Remove and Install the Microchip Door from the Front Panel


About the Magnetic Door System


Mitchell using an early prototype MeowSpace

Emma being secretly captured on video as she shows that she has
figured out the MeowSpace. She is using an early prototype version.

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