Getting a Long Cat’s Tail into the MeowSpace®

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How to get a long Cat’s Tail into the MeowSpace®

Several people have emailed with a concern about their cat’s tail. They are worried that, upon entering the MeowSpace®, their cat’s tail will stop the door flap from closing. In general, most cats instinctively pull their tails through. But if yours is having a problem, here is the solution:

Simply place the food bowl at the front of the MeowSpace®, right next to the door.

Ms Cissy has feline Alzheimer's but still learned to use her MeowSpace®

Ms Cissy has feline Alzheimer’s but still learned to use her MeowSpace®, and her tail swings in when she turns around to eat her food.

Your cat will enter and have to turn around to get their food, easily pulling their tails through the doorway. If you are using the MeowSpace® to hold a litter box instead of food, your cat’s tail will pull through once they step into the box.

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