Cats Keeping You Awake?

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Mitchell replacing me in my bedWhen they’re not busy going in and out of their MeowSpaces eating, our cats are little sleeping angels. All day, that is. Oh, and also when we are in bed watching TV at night. They coo and purr and snuggle up against us. They seductively roll onto their backs and their little paws do this cute little curl thing that makes us just melt. “Awww…you two are soooo cute!” Kissy kissy lovey lovey pet pet pet…”Ok, sorry, too much love, I see the look. I’ll leave you alone to continue sleeping on our bed.”

The TV and lights eventually get turned off. Soon, all that can be heard is the gentle breathing of four sleeping creatures. Suddenly I awaken in the midst of a terrifying dream. I’m dreaming that an elephant has just run over my head…no…two elephants have just run over my head. Then I hear the sound of lightening crackling next to my ear. On goes the light! The two human creatures are awake and sitting up in bed, eyes wide open in the futile attempt to comprehend what is happening. Sitting on my pillow is Flopsie, staring at me with that, “I want a treat” look in her eyes. The “lightening” is actually Mitchell, pawing at our venetian blinds. Apparently, cats at night can be demons.

Another sleepless night in the Moffett-Chaney household. We tried everything: feeding them right before bedtime, squirt bottles (we found out that Mitchell loves all forms of water and seemed to look forward to getting sprayed), noisemakers, you name it. Nothing worked. Our loving relationship with our cats was quickly becoming soured. Something had to change. We contemplated sleeping in the tool shed and letting them have the run of the house all night. The work bench was just too hard and cold.

After several months of intense sleep deprivation, we came upon the answer. We created their own room for them, complete with several cat trees, plush carpet, and a floor to ceiling 5ft window that allows them to gaze upon our front yard, which is like a park, and all the delightful little creatures that go along with it. Each night, after they’ve had a couple of hours of play and nap time with us on our bed, we take them downstairs to their bedroom, clean their litter boxes, get them fresh water, give them each their treats, make sure they have several toys, and kiss them both good night. Their bedroom door is closed, and we live to recover a few more hours of previously lost sleep.

About now you’re thinking, “But don’t you miss them at night?” As much as we love them and wish they could be with us all night, the answer to your question is an emphatic, “No.” Sweet dreams everyone!

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