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Need to Separate Cats While They Eat?

Share This:  MeowSpace® — For When We Need to Separate Cats While They Eat The MeowSpace® solves the problem of when you need to separate cats while they eat. By giving one or both cats their own selective access enclosure, you’ll never have to worry about your cats eating the wrong food again. Control ailments […]

Cat Feeding Device Solves Cat Adoption Problems

Share This: MeowSpace® Solves Cat Adoption Problems One of my friends who works in a large no-kill cat shelter was saying that she often has difficulty getting people to adopt more than one cat due to cat feeding problems. There are many reasons that cats need to eat different food, or must be restricted from […]

Dog Eats Kitty Roca (Cat Poop, the way it looks in clumping litter)

Share This: Dog Eats Cat Poop — A Kitty Roca Addict As you can easily see by the photo, a covered cat litter box is no guarantee against a dog getting into the cat litter. This is where a MeowSpace® comes to the rescue. Simply place a litter box in the MeowSpace®, put the locking […]

MeowSpace® and Active or Aggressive Cats and Dogs

Share This: Aggressive Cats and Dogs Every now and then I get a call from someone who says the MeowSpace® isn’t working…not because their pet can’t be trained, and not because the enclosure itself is problematic…but because they have another pet who is so active or aggressive that they scare the MeowSpace® cat away. If […]

Why is the MeowSpace Cat Box Made of Clear Plastic?

Share This: MeowSpace Cat Box People have asked me why we use plastic for the MeowSpace®, and why it is clear. These are good questions, with some very specific answers. In a nutshell: Function, Form and Fashion. Simply, plastic MeowSpace® is very cool looking, light-weight, easy to clean, and presents no odors. Being clear ended […]

Cat Feeding Solutions

Share This: Usual Cat Feeding Solutions don’t often work We have spoken with hundreds of vet professionals including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, nurses, receptionists and office managers who have shared with us the problems they have encountered regarding feeding difficulties in multiple-pet households. Pet owners, mostly cat owners, have told us how they have attempted […]

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