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Determination and Patience Gets Results

Share This:   Patience: the capacity to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without giving up. One of the secrets to success with a MeowSpace is practicing patience. There is a learning curve, and working with your cat persistently and consistently will pay off. Some cats get it immediately, while others take ongoing practice for weeks. Half of your battle is realizing and accepting […]

Need to Separate Cats

Share This: Multiple-Pet Households Often Need to Separate Cats Do yourself a favor: If you have ended up on this site and are reading this page, it usually means you or someone you know is struggling with their pets around food or litter issues. This is where those problems can end for good. The MeowSpace® […]

MeowSpace® is Issued a Patent!

Share This:   IT’S OFFICIAL! A MEOWSPACE PATENT We at MeowSpace® are pretty darned excited. We have been issued a Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the invention you all know as the MeowSpace®. Its formal title is “Assemblies For Allowing Pet Access Through A Panel,” which, I know, doesn’t […]

Automatic Super Feeder Works Well With the MeowSpace®

Share This:   MeowSpace® + Automatic Super Feeder = Double Success! One of the wonderful benefits of creating personalized connections with MeowSpace® users is that I am learning more ways that the MeowSpace® is being utilized. One of our clients, who uses three RFID MeowSpaces, just told me that he has a kitty who is so […]

Carol McBride’s Feline Dynasty (she trained her cat with Feline Alzheimer’s to use a MeowSpace®)

Share This: Carol McBride and MeowSpace® helps cat with Kitty Alzheimer’s Carol McBride did not grow up with cats. Her mother was Mrs. Clean, and animals did not fit the picture of cleanliness in her mind or home, so Carol remained pet-free until adulthood. Then one day, while Carol was going home from her job […]

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