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Cat Wisdom

Share This: Cat wisdom is all about comfort Every now and then, I get a taste of cat wisdom when I least expect it. Last night, while sitting in my favorite recliner, my cuddly cat, Mitchell (yes, the MeowSpace® cat), decided he wanted to take a nap on my lap. I happened to be working […]

A MeowSpace® By Any Other Name…

Share This:   What To Call the MeowSpace® This blog was inspired by my Google Analytics page, which lists the keywords people have used to find the site. You see, the MeowSpace® is a unique product. The multiple pet household problems it solves are what people usually search by because they are seeking a […]

Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor

Share This: Laura Speirs, The Kitty Sitter and Kitty Counselor Providence Happens Every now and then, without our conscious realization, the timing, circumstances and idiosyncrasies of life come together and set the foundation of our destinies. Meeting Laura Speirs in 1995 was one such example. Before telling you more about her, I want you to […]

Dog Eats Kitty Roca (Cat Poop, the way it looks in clumping litter)

Share This: Dog Eats Cat Poop — A Kitty Roca Addict As you can easily see by the photo, a covered cat litter box is no guarantee against a dog getting into the cat litter. This is where a MeowSpace® comes to the rescue. Simply place a litter box in the MeowSpace®, put the locking […]

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